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Cap’mundo press release

CAPMUNDO, Artisan espresso

French artisan roasting know-how at the heart of a Nespresso®* compatible capsule

Produced in France, the new Cap’Mundo artisan coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso® machines, were launched in March 2013, exclusively through coffee roasters and local delicatessens. Their reputation has since spread, boosting the success of this recent initiative by Olivier Brivois, an entrepreneur with a passion for coffee, and a firm believer in the traditional separate and slow roasting methods used for exceptional green coffees. The level of trust established in just a few months, with more than 200 stockists and their customers, confirms the authenticity of the artisan espresso Cap’Mundo’s artisan approach and competitive prices.

Cap’Mundo, the excellence of separate and slow artisan roasting

Each of these original creations has been created by blending coffee beans from different regions, of different varieties or resulting from different processes. Reflecting the painstaking attention to cooking in haute cuisine, and in line with the company’s artisan tradition philosophy, Cap’Mundo uses a progressive roasting method of fifteen to twenty minutes (instead of the usual five or ten). Each variety of green coffee is roasted separately before blending, according to a specific roasting profile. This separate and slow artisan roasting technique brings out the full elegance and aromatic richness of its five remarkable recipes.

Cap’Mundo, love of origins

Inspired by a love of raw materials with character, Cap’Mundo has tracked down the best plots of great green coffees in prestigious family cultivations. Another noteworthy feature is the fact that some of these producers are free to set their own sales prices, a fair guarantee of perfect quality. This scrupulous selection of origins creates a typical sensorial profile for these exclusive recipes.

Cap’Mundo, the best Nespresso® compatibility in the market

Produced in the north of France, Cap’Mundo capsules have been carefully developed to ensure perfect compatibility. They intensify the extraction potential of Nespresso® approved machines, enhance the aromatic complexity of their original coffees and deliver amazing freshness.

Cap’Mundo, five recipes full of character

Cap’Mundo’s exclusive recipes, crafted by artisan Master roasters, are designed to meet the exacting standards of the noses and palates of espresso purists. Produced with concern for the artisan chain, from harvest to cup, these five unique creations will surprise you with the authentic purity of the aromas and flavours of their countries of origin.

EBENE (woody and spicy) A blend of African origins and a hint of Asian Robusta, encompassing notes of cedar, coriander, ginger and black pepper. €2.90 for a box of ten capsules (i.e. €0.29 each)

ZEBRANO (savoury) A selection of coffees grown on high African plateaus, Zebrano will surprise with the freshness of its finish and lingering aromatic notes of chocolate. €3.10 for a box of ten capsules (i.e. €0.31 each)

COPAIBA – organic (woody and fruity) Harvested according to organic farming principles in the heart of the Andes Cordillera, its beans give Copaiba a full-bodied harmony with aromas of cedar, cherry and raspberry. €3.50 for a box of ten capsules (i.e. €0.35 each)

UMBILA – Lungo (woody and savoury) Bringing together two major regions in South and Central America with notes of hazelnut, grilled bread and fresh fruit. €3.30 for a box of ten capsules (i.e. €0.33 each)

DABEMA – Decaffeinated (savoury and fruity) Sourced from the volcanic soils of Central America, this Arabica is decaffeinated using a solvent-free process. The elegance of honey, crystallised fruits and chocolate. €3.40 for a box of ten capsules (i.e. €0.34 each)

* A list of coffee roasters and local delicatessens by region can be found on the dedicated page of the website. Specialist online outlets are also shown in the form of links.

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